24th World Congress of Dermatology

Grateful to be able to attend the 24th World Congress of Dermatology as a scholar 🙏🏻 Here I am beside my case report and taking a selfie with Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald, whose books I have read and go back to all the time. ⭐ Also, my first time to wear sneakers for a conference because the venue was huge!!!! 😜

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The Science of Cleansing + Hydration

Optimizing your Facial Equipment: A Guide to Using Your Facial Machine

Long before laser, radio frequency and cryo machines, the facial machine was and is still a staple in aesthetic centers. This simple little box can take you from cleansing, massaging to infusing topical medications. It’s functions are often overlooked, because many practitioners do not know the principles behind each piece. For example, do you know that the galvanic equipment can loosen comedones and infuse topical medicines too? Yup, yup! If you want to learn how to maximize you facial machine, I made an easy-to-read guidebook just for you. 🙂

Available at http://www.lvsbooks.com for PhP395.00 🙂



goodmorning kuya (untv, 2013)

moms today (2012)

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