Skin Box: Severe Acne + Oily Skin


This Skin Box package is recommended to address severe acne in patients with oily skin.

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Skin Care for Severe Acne + Oily Skin


  1. Klenzit Face Wash
  2. Clindamycin Solution — alternate with Clarifying Toner every month*
  3. Mirror Detox Cream
  4. Shadow SPF 30 Sunscreen


  1. Klenzit Face Wash
  2. Epiduo Forte Gel
  3. Tameca Bearberry Cream — optional whitening cream**
  4. Mirror Detox Cream

Oral Medicines:

  1. Skizin oral capsules — take one capsule a day as an anti-acne supplement
  2. Oral isotretinoin — consult with Dr. Colayco for a prescription!


  • * Clindamycin is an antibiotic and should not be used continuously to prevent resistance. You may alternate Clindamycin Solution with Clarifying Toner every month. 
  • ** You may use whitening cream to lighten the pimple marks.
  • All medicines are to be used all over the face. 
  • It takes 6-12 weeks for topical anti-acne medications to work. However, if you experience unusual redness, itchiness & stinging, stop the applying the products and consult.


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