What is Skin Box?

A Skin Box is a skincare package curated for a variety of skin concerns. The package contains a complete skin care set, including a cleanser, sunscreen and creams. It’s called Skin Box because the skin care products will be delivered to your door step in a box!


First, you get a complete skin care set curated by our board certified dermatologist.

Secondly, your Skin Box will be delivered to your door step free of charge! (Yes, shipping fee is on us!)

Lastly, you get a discount on products when you are subscribed to the Skin Box! Woohoo!

Skin Box: Acne Basic
Skin Box: Acne Basic

Acne – Basic

This Basic Acne Package is best for normal to oily skin with mild to moderate acne. It includes a pimple drying facial wash, an antibiotic toner, smoothening & whitening creams, plus a sunscreen too! The basic acne package has products to address a variety of acne-related concerns.
Retail price: P2,150

Skin Box: Brightening for Face
Skin Box: Brightening for Face

Brightening – Face

The Brightening Package is best suited to address unwanted skin pigmentation, such as mild melasma, freckles, dark spots from wounds and acne. It is a complete package that includes soap, toner, whitening cream, sunscreen and a mild peeling cream. Lighten those unwanted spots gently and safely with these products!
Retail price: P2,000

Skin Box: Skin Vitamins

Skin Vitamins

Not a fan of topicals? Then this Skin Vitamins Package may be just the one you’re looking for! The oral supplement is especially formulated to give your skin a healthy glow. Add your hydrating cleanser and moisturizer… Voila! Healthy looking skin is yours!
retail price: P2,050

Skin Box: Acne Premium
Skin Box: Acne Premium

Acne – Premium

The Premium Acne Package is best for normal to oily skin with moderate to severe acne. It includes a pimple drying facial wash, an antibiotic toner, a spot acne corrector gel, smoothening, whitening & moisturizing creams, plus a sunscreen too! The premium acne package not only fights acne, but repairs your skin too!
Retail price: P3,150

Skin Box: Brightening for Underarms
Skin Box: Brightening for Underarms

Brightening – Underarms

Looking for an underarm whitening that works? Look no further! Our Brightening Underarms Package does just that. The Whitening Scrub is really gentle on your skin while removing dark dead skin cells! Watch your underarms glow!
Retail price: P1,100

Skin Box: Hydrating
Skin Box: Hydrating


Does your skin sting after washing with soap? Does it feel tight and dry? Our Hydrating Package is here to the rescue. Everything in this box works to hydrate and repair your skin plus a more… it helps give your skin a little dewy glow too!
Retail price: P2,050

Skin Box: Brightening for Body
Skin Box: Brightening for Body

Brightening – Body

Lighten your skin safely with our Brightening Body Package. This box is dedicated to make you skin glow gently and safely. You will especially love the Whitening Lotion, it whitens while protecting the skin with SPF!
Retail price: P1,150

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No PayPal Account?

No problem!!!

Just send us a message so we can assist you to pay via Direct Bank Transfer or G-Cash. Remember, you must pay for a 3-month subscription to avail of the Skin Box discounted price!


How do I know which Skin Box to purchase?
We explained the indication of each Skin Box in the menu above. Detailed explanation and instruction are also available when you click the photo. Still confused? Send us a message!

Can I change the products included in the Skin Box?
No, this is not possible. The Skin Box products are already prepared as a set.

How do I subscribe to a Skin Box?
Go to the SKIN BOX SUBSCRIPTION button. Choose and pay for the Skin Box that’s right for you! (The subscription option is powered by PayPal.)

What happens when I subscribe to a Skin Box?
Our medicines are safe for longterm use. The Skin Boxes were designed to be purchased on a monthly basis. Currently, our Skin Box Subscription is for a 3-month billing cycle. This means that you will get a Skin Box every month for the next three months. Your credit card will be charged every month for 3 months too.

Can I purchase a Skin Box individually?
Yes, you may opt not to subscribe to a Skin Box and purchase a Skin Box for one month use. You will pay for the retail price of the box, but you can still avail of the free shipping! For single order of Skin Box, kindly proceed to our Shop.

When can I expect delivery of my Skin Box?

The Skin Boxes are sent out for delivery once a week. Skin Box will be delivered through trusted couriers, such as ABest or J&T or LBC. The shipping details will be sent to your email.

Can the Skin Box be returned or refunded?
This a personal hygiene product; hence, returns or refunds are not allowed.