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What eye cream do I recommend?

Recently, my friend asked me what eye cream I recommend to my patientsā€¦ Watch my one-minute video to find out!

In this eye cream series, I’ll be discussing the following:
– How to apply your current skin care products as an eye cream
– What products to use an alternative to a dedicated eye cream product
– Why I use tretinoin cream as my eye cream
– How to treat eye bags
– How to treat and prevent wrinkles around the eye area

Stay tuned for the next videos!!!

Please note that the information given is for educational purposes only. Treatments are customized to our patients’ needs.

For inquiries, contact:
Mobile: (0998)5673765
FB/ IG/ TikTok: Dermalogique
YouTube: MabelleMD
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Removing My Sun Spot

A sun spot or solar lentigo is a flat spot on the skin, usually darker than your skin tone. It is caused by sun exposure and is more common in people above 30 years old. But younger individuals can get it too! I’v had my solar lentigenes for a long time.

It started in my 30’s, and the size grew bigger as I aged and enjoyed myself under the sun! The first time I had my solar lentigo removed was maybe 2016 (?). This is the 3rd time I’m having my sun spot lasered. Watch the video to know more about my experience !!!

This video is not sponsored. I am not endorsing any product. These products were used for demonstration purposes only.

All information were researched with care and were formed from my personal experience as a privately practicing dermatologist.

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All about Maskne


In case you’re wondering is Maskne is a real thing, here’s my short video to explain the what’s and why’s of Maskne… and of course, the how’s of treating this condition at home! šŸ™‚

ā›” As for the morning and night routines, I listed the commonly used product active ingredients to fight maskne. Choose 1product that sits well with you. Don’t use all the ingredients on your face or else you’ll get a really bad case of irritant contact dermatitis!ā£

šŸ“½ If you want to know more about Maskne (and Anti-Aging by my friend, Dr. Janelle Padlan-Ramos), head on to this link…

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A Dermatologistā€™s journal during the COVID-19 pandemic: week 4

April 6 – 12, 2020

The way we look at the world really depends on our own rose-colored glasses.


They say that its takes 21 days before you develop a habit. Maybe it is true.

I’ve started to embrace the new normal in our lives. Although there is a skeleton of a routine, I have shifted my gears to find joy in the little bits of achievement I make everyday. That one paragraph of the project proposal, that 1 webinar every 3 days (?), that 10 minute exercise which I manage to do all in between enjoying my time with these two funny monkeys.

It has lessened the pressure I put on myself to tick off so many things in my daily to-do-list… and has made me much happier.

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A Dermatologistā€™s journal during the COVID-19 pandemic: week 3

March 30 – April 5, 2020

The third week of the enhanced community quarantine has been a challenge. I’ve always had an optimistic outlook in life… so even with the quarantine, I didn’t really panic about anything.

This week was different. I lost 2 loved ones to COVID-19, 2 days apart. It was unexpected… and their loss hit me hard. From a scientific perspective, I know the weight of this disease. From a personal standpoint, now I can really feel the burden of this pandemic.

My elder child created this artwork for everyone fighting this disease. We’re in this together, we can do this, let’s not give up!