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Botox for a V-Shaped Lower Face

Botulinum toxin injections is one of my most favorite treatments to have done on myself and on my patients. It literally takes away 10 years off your face in few minutes (plus 2 week waiting period for the toxin to kick in).

Let me share with you a lesser known use of botulinum toxin to achieve a more contoured lower face. Yes, we can inject botulinum toxin on the lower face too!!!

It’s a safe procedure that can be combined with other lifting treatments as well.

Ok, let me just say this, because I forgot to mention this in the video: When injecting botulinum toxin on the lower face, you will definitely feel the weakening of the muscle that was injected. That’s why there will be a limitation in your facial muscle use.

Please note that the information given is for educational purposes only. Treatments are customized to our patients’ needs.

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