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All about Maskne


In case you’re wondering is Maskne is a real thing, here’s my short video to explain the what’s and why’s of Maskne… and of course, the how’s of treating this condition at home! 🙂

⛔ As for the morning and night routines, I listed the commonly used product active ingredients to fight maskne. Choose 1product that sits well with you. Don’t use all the ingredients on your face or else you’ll get a really bad case of irritant contact dermatitis!⁣

📽 If you want to know more about Maskne (and Anti-Aging by my friend, Dr. Janelle Padlan-Ramos), head on to this link…

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Acne & Pregnancy

For us women, pregnancy is a beautiful time. People always say, “You’re blooming!” Or “You have a radiant aura!” During pregnancy, there are so many changes going on inside our body, and it is because we are carrying a new life inside of us. So our inner selves really glow? But… what if it’s not just the inner glow that appears during pregnancy? What if acne appears too?

Can this happen?

Well, yes… If you already have acne or are prone to acne, your acne may worsen during pregnancy. If you didn’t have acne previously, there is still a chance that acne can occur during your pregnancy. Why?

Watch the full video here.

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How to Choose an Eye Cream

Check out this buying guide review I wrote and reviewed for mybestph. Just to clarify, I researched and provided my insights on the best ingredients that you should look for in an eye cream. I am not affiliated with nor am I endorsing any product mentioned in the article.

Hope you find it useful!!!

PS: The article was written with Ms. Rie Niijima. Click here to go to the full article at the website.