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Say Goodbye to Double Chin!

There are some parts of our body that need a little help when we are trying to slim down. Sometimes, no matter how hard we diet or exercise, there are still pockets of fat that just won’t go away.

Fortunately, we can help flatten those pockets of fat in two steps. First, inject a fat melting solution to the area to dissolve the fat. Second, do fractional radiofrequency to tighten the skin.

Because these two procedures address 2 different things, yet work synergistically together, we can achieve beautiful results safer and faster.

Watch this short video how this happens.

Btw, this procedure can be done on other parts of the body! Ask us how or head over to to know more!

Please note that the information given is for
educational purposes only. Treatments are customized
to our patients’ needs.

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The many ways to say goodbye to acne

Acne can occur at any age. Some of my patients wonder why they suddenly get acne in their 20s or 30s. 🤔 It happens at times when our hormones go haywire. Why? Because of insulin spikes in our body brought out by stress, illness or food (high carbohydrates 🍞, high sugar 🍰 and dairy 🍼). 🤯 However, unlike neonatal acne, adult acne doesn’t readily go away by itself. A multimodality treatment approach is instituted to help clear acne and prevent scarring. Visit your friendly neighborhood dermatologist to see what treatment best suits your skin condition and your lifestyle. 🤓

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For the new and few pimples

For mild acne vulgaris, fractional radiofrequency with or without needling is a good option. The heat contracts the sebaceous glands underneath the skin which prevents pimple formation. 🥰 Plus, if you have recent post-inflammatory erythema and very shallow acne scarring, this treatment may help improve the condition. 🤔 If you have older and deeper acne scarring, fractional RF needling is a better option for you. As this will also address the textural issues of your skin. 👌🏼