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Removing My Sun Spot

A sun spot or solar lentigo is a flat spot on the skin, usually darker than your skin tone. It is caused by sun exposure and is more common in people above 30 years old. But younger individuals can get it too! I’v had my solar lentigenes for a long time.

It started in my 30’s, and the size grew bigger as I aged and enjoyed myself under the sun! The first time I had my solar lentigo removed was maybe 2016 (?). This is the 3rd time I’m having my sun spot lasered. Watch the video to know more about my experience !!!

This video is not sponsored. I am not endorsing any product. These products were used for demonstration purposes only.

All information were researched with care and were formed from my personal experience as a privately practicing dermatologist.

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The many ways to say goodbye to acne

Acne can occur at any age. Some of my patients wonder why they suddenly get acne in their 20s or 30s. 🤔 It happens at times when our hormones go haywire. Why? Because of insulin spikes in our body brought out by stress, illness or food (high carbohydrates 🍞, high sugar 🍰 and dairy 🍼). 🤯 However, unlike neonatal acne, adult acne doesn’t readily go away by itself. A multimodality treatment approach is instituted to help clear acne and prevent scarring. Visit your friendly neighborhood dermatologist to see what treatment best suits your skin condition and your lifestyle. 🤓