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A Dermatologist’s journal during the COVID-19 pandemic: week 2

Week 2: March 23-29, 2020

Amidst home schooling, clinical work & household chores, here I am trying to keep my sanity the best way I know how -- masking! LOL!

Amidst home schooling, clinical work & household chores, here I am trying to keep my sanity the best way I know how — masking! LOL!

Dr. Mabelle Colayco

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If there is one word that can sum up this week, it’s HOME SCHOOL!

I am a quiet and private person. Not many people outside of my family know that I am a recently separated solo parent of two young children. The enhanced community quarantine had me close my private and hospital clinics. Although it has given me this much-needed time to be with my children, it has also impacted my financial capacity considerably. I alone support my small family plus our staff. As I continue to do my clinical work behind the scenes, I have also started to feel the strain of home schooling.

Initially, we started with just morning sit-down sessions and afternoon physical or creative activity sessions. However, the homework load has increased this week. I have my elder child work on his assignments almost the whole day everyday… And it’s not just him working on it. I have to read, understand and teach the lessons. Don’t get me wrong. I love my children, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them… But I miss regular school!

Tutoring + working + household chores = one exhausted stay-at-home dermatologist!

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Saved by a dermatoscope – the tale of lichen aureus

A male in his late 20s with a 2-year history of an asymptomatic coppery-rust-colored patch on one if his shins. It doesn’t itch, doesn’t blister, isn’t painful, but the lesion bothers him because he doesn’t know what it is.

Honestly, I thought it was nummular eczema at first glance, but on dermoscopy: (orange arrow) coppery-reddish-orange background with (brown arrow) brown network and (red arrow) red punctate vessels at the periphery. Whew!
I thought it was cool to diagnose this with a dermatoscope and ease my patient’s anxiety. 😊

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Are your skincare products working for you?

She used many, too many, commercial products, until she almost gave up. She wanted clear skin… But visiting the clinic regularly was not possible as she works abroad. So we worked on her home program together… and this is what we achieved 💛

My skincare philosophy is less is more. Our skin needs to be loved and cared for. I believe that slow and gentle improvements will give you beautiful and supple skin in the long run.