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Cult Favorite: Our Bubble Facial

Patients often ask me what is the best facial treatment I can recommend for them? One that does not make them cry with extractions, makes them sleepy because it’s so relaxing, and makes them come back for more!!! Yes, we’ve got that! Our bubble facial has been a patient favorite since… forever!

It combines so many treatments in one hour that it’s soooooo worth your 60 minutes!!!! These include:
~ Facial cleansing to thoroughly clean the face
~ Hydra dermabrasion to remove the dead skin
~ Vortex infusion of serum
~ Light extraction to remove black heads & whiteheads
~ Skinscrubber to gently remove all the deep-seated dirt
~ Bipolar RF to tighten the skin and give the face a little lift
~ Cryotherapy to close dilated blood vessels and to relax the skin

The bubble facial’s got it all for you!

This facial treatment is best for patients who want to maintain their skin and give it a boost! For patients with acne, an acne facial is recommended to thoroughly clean and address the pimples.


🪄 bubble facial
🎯 clean, hydrate, tighten & lift the skin
⏱ 60 minutes
🗓 no downtime


Please note that the information given is for educational purposes only. Treatments are customized to our patients’ needs.
For inquiries, contact:
Mobile: (0998) 567 3765
Landline: (02) 8551 8542
FB/ IG/ TikTok: Dermalogique
YouTube: MabelleMD

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