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Practical Skin Care by Mabelle.MD

I finally started my own You Tube channel!

It took me awhile to do this…. I’m quite a shy person. Teehee 😛 But I really want share practical skin care tips and tricks that are evidence-based, and not just hype! In a world that is bursting with information, I would like to keep my videos short and sweet.

Follow me on You Tube!

PS: I’ll be talking in Filipino, but I hope to do some translation in the future. Cheers!

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SHOP Dermaloqique

Invest in your skin.
It is going to represent you for a very long time.

Linden Tyler

Good skin is an investment indeed! In my years of dermatological practice, I’ve witnessed patients with beautiful clear skin who don’t put on anything, while there are patients with skin that need a little bit more help. More often than not, patients research and buy products that have the best reviews… and wonder why sometimes the product does not work on them.

Well, every skin is different. What works for one may not necessarily work for you.

Also, I believe that “less is more” with regards to skin care. Choosing the right products for your skin is far better than putting everything on it.

This Shop is a dream come true for me!!! It may seem that it only took weeks to put up this site, but, in reality, it is actually an accumulation of more than 10 years of dermatological experience in the skincare industry. I’ve seen how the products in the Shop work, and I truly believe in them.

Thank you for stopping by… hang around, I might be of help to you. 🙂


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Hope for acne

The good physician treats the disease. The great physician treats the patient who has the disease.

William Osler

I’m not immune to acne. When I was younger, I’ve always had that perfectly placed pimple at the perfect time! Now, with the constant use of face mask, I’ve been suffering from Acne Mechanica on my jawline. The constant friction and increased humidity can trigger acne break outs.

Over the past 3 months, in my telemedicine and recently re-opened clinic practice, acne is still one of the top reasons for consult. It can be frustrating to be applying a ton of medicines and going through numerous procedures, and yet no improvement from when you started.

The secret is really understanding your skin and knowing the appropriate medicine and treatment to address the problem. As a medical dermatologist, I take time to review my patient’s full clinical history, and I also poke into their diet and lifestyle. I know it may seem nosy, but it helps me understand the intricacies that may cause the acne. Sometimes you need a full regimen, or maybe just 1-2 products will do. Sometimes you need oral medications or maybe just a little change in your diet will do the trick. Sometimes you need a whole acne treatments program or maybe you’ll just need a monthly facial plus a few pimple injections. It’s really a different scenario per patient. That being said, you must understand that what may work for one person, may not work for you.

To save your effort and money, I recommend that you seek consult with a board-certified dermatologist to help you with your acne journey. If you must know, your happiness is ours too!

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A Dermatologist’s journal during the COVID-19 pandemic: week 8

May 4 – 10, 2020

After 2 months of being closed, my clinic will be opening again on May 18. I have been preparing for the past month. It’s not just the newly acquired disinfecting gadgets and personal protective equipment, but it’s also rearranging the physical set-up, determining the flow of patient interaction, and grounding the venues for telemedicine to keep both clinic staff and patients safe.

Although I am home, I have been working tirelessly to prepare for the re-opening. On top of that, with medical information literally zooming in with the speed of light, reading and participating in academic webinars are a must for us doctors. Webinar fatigue? Yes! But we gotta be ready!