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How do we remove syringoma in the clinic?

Syringoma are pesky little bumps near the lower eyelid that are not infectious, but progressively increase in number. If we review these bumps under the microscope, one will find that these bumps go way deep down into the skin. That is why treatment of these lesions should also reach deep into the skin.

We use two types of machines to remove syringoma in our clinic: the traditional electrocautery machine and the newer CO2 laser. Both treatments are done under our double anesthesia method, because the skin near the eyes can be really sensitive to pain!

Anyway, both machines do the job well. However, recently, more patient prefer our CO2 laser because the wounds it creates are smaller, have less collateral damage, heals faster and most of all, less painful!!!

Please note that the information given is for educational purposes only. Treatments are customized to our patients’ needs.

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