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What to Expect from Non-Invasive Anti-Aging Treatments (lasers & machines)

One of the treatments that I religiously do is to get a fractional radiofrequency treatment every 2 months. It helps keep my lower face and jowls from sagging. It also helps in keeping the skin on my jawline nice and tight. ⁣

In this post, I would like to share with you what you can expect when you undergo a non-invasive skin lifting procedure. ⁣

As we age, our skin sags because we lose the fat that holds the skin in its youthful place. We use daily sunscreen and antiaging creams to boost collagen production in the skin, making the skin tighter, therefore achieving that lift we are aiming for. ⁣

Non-invasive treatments, such as lasers and radiofrequency machines, work in a similar manner. It boosts our natural collagen to help the skin look supple and youthful. For this reason, non-invasive treatments should be started early and should be done consistently. You can expect that each treatment will give you a nice little lift, and a series of treatments will help you maintain your youthful appearance. 🤫⁣

PS: I uploaded a video about this on You Tube 👉🏻👉🏻

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