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5 years

Five years ago, I took a leap of faith and ventured on my own. Armed with hope and prayer, I settled on this tiny little space in this bustling city. ⁣

During my quiet times, I would sit by this window and watch the world go by. I’ve witnessed the sky change from morning to night, enjoyed the afternoon sunrays dance on my walls, watched the rain drops fall, waited for storms to pass. I’ve seen people rush and cars zoom about, and how all these have quieted down the past weeks. ⁣

This pandemic changed my practice too. As my patient said, “it’s like we’re back to square one.” New protocols have been in place. Digital platforms are now more actively engaged. Appointment systems are strictly adhered to. The elaborate pre and post treatment cleaning are done for every patient encounter. The new normal, as we describe it. ⁣

This year, I am thankful to be able to re-open my clinic doors. I am grateful to my assistant, my pharmaceutical suppliers and my patients for understanding the new clinic guidelines and for your continued support and trust. 💛 ⁣

Cheers to more beautiful years ahead! 🥂 #dermalogiquex5years

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