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Skin Detox

Good Skincare = Good Skin

Good skin is a combination of many things, not just a product of elaborate skin care. The status of our immune system, eating proper diet, engaging in a healthy lifestyle, having adequate rest, living in a clean environment are just some of the factors come into play when we want to achieve beautiful skin.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the right skin care products can work wonders for your skin. After all, conditions like acne, rosacea, etc., need a little help to clear up. However, I believe in adhering to a sensible skin care routine.

So how do we know what products to use?

First of all, listen to your skin.

Know your skin type. Are you oily, dry, sensitive?

Know your skin concerns. Is it acne, pigmentation, pores, etc?

There is no one miracle product that can address all skin concerns, and it also won’t do you good to apply all the available skin care you get your hands on.

Skin Detox

If you’re in stuck in your gazillion skin care routine, why don’t you try to give your skin a break?

I recommend that you just use the bare minimum: mild cleanser, sunscreen with SPF 30 and a light moisturizer for 28 days. Yes, 28 days because this is the turnover time of the skin.

While waiting for the 28 days, just look and observe your skin. Evaluate your self and your skin care products too. Are they really right for you?

After this 28 day skin detox, re-introduce your skincare one by one so you can check how each product affects your skin. -MFC

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