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What’s the Difference: Solar Lentigo vs Melasma?


Not all pigmentations on the face is melasma or “pekas.” Watch this short video to know the difference between melasma and solar lentigo.

Solar lentigo is easier to treat. One or two laser session can remove it. However, it comes back… and you can laser it off again!

Melasma, on the other hand, is quite harder to treat. Aside from sun exposure, other genetic and hormonal factors can cause melasma. Diligent sun protection and home medications are key to melasma improvement. There are also oral medications that you can take to improve the pigmentation, under your doctor’s supervision, of course. In the clinic, we can treat melasma with chemical, microneedling with exosomes and laser too!!!

Please note that the information given is for educational purposes only. Treatments are customized to our patients’ needs.
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